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Bowls & Sinks

When selecting a stainless bowl there are many things to consider.  The first thing we all tend to look at is its appearance, and from a design perspective this is very important but what about functionality?

  • How thick is the stainless? Thin material is prone to denting
  • How many bowls do you require and what sizes best suit?
  • Do you need a drainer?
  • Are you going to be using a waste master / insinkerator?
  • The square look is a modern style many people want, but try considering a bowl with a small radius in the corner rather than square, they are a lot easier to clean
  • When mounting bowls, we like to place them under the bench material (known as undermount), whether the top is Formica HPL, Granite or a recon-stone.  Being under mount it is a lot easier to wipe your bench off into the sink without having dirt and grease trapped under a stainless lip that would normally be there