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Light – Engineered by Hafele

A dialogue about ambience - LED light in furniture and furnishings.  The effective extension of the room light.

Light is a fundamental part of life.  One, that affects our well-being noticeably.  The bright, cool, white morning light is very different from the warm glow of candles or light bulbs.   Inside, one tries to mimic daylight in an effort to design the room with it.  Light in furniture and furnishings blends harmoniously with the lighting of the room adding another layer to the design – a fourth dimension. This way, subtle nuances in the ambiance are created and specific areas are separated or accentuated to create a perfectly composed holistic effect.

Due to the low heat development, the small fixture size and the long service life LED lights are ideally suited for this purpose.  Light colours, even differently tempered whites, are recreated realistically. With the Loox LED system from Hafele work areas, presentation areas and living rooms can be illuminated for functional and decorative purposes.  Well-being can be influenced in a targeted manner, and it is surprisingly simple.