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Interior and Exterior Cabinet Finishes

There are many different options when it comes to interior and exterior finishes.  The interior of your new kitchen is its foundation, and is often overlooked as being insignificant by the buyer.

Almost all mass-produced kitchens sold by retailers nationwide have white LPL (Low Pressure Laminate) interiors, often referred to by several different brand names e.g. Melteca or Melamine, laid on a particle board sub straight.  In most cases the ends, bottoms and shelves measure 16mm in thickness, and the backs 6-9mm.

LPL is a board product coated with a decorative laminate made from a thermosetting plastic derived from Melamine resins.  This decorative laminate is laid on a variety of different materials, from particle board to Medium Density fibreboard (MDF) to create a prefinished decorative panel available in a variety of thicknesses.  The edges are then finished with ether a PVC or ABS strip that matches the board colour.

When one is discussing board products, the type and finish depends on its end use.  At Essex Cabinetmakers we choose to only use MDF, specifically E0 / MR MDF, which is a more environmentally conscious moisture resistant MDF, suitable for painting, veneering or laying LPL on.

As a company standard, all our carcase interiors are 18mm in thickness, with 12mm backs. And if a shelf spans more than 800 in width 25mm is considered as a more stable option.  ALL exposed edges are finished with 2mm PVC, regardless of whether they are seen of not.  This sets up a stable and durable platform for us build on.




Other interior options are:

-          Choosing a coloured LPL over the standard white.

-          Using a more water-resistant laminated plywood in all wet areas, like under the sink.

-          Painting a product called Tricoya, which is a completely waterproof board, that, to the naked eye looks just like MDF. This is ideal for exterior uses, or wet areas.

LPL’s can be used successfully for the exterior of your kitchen as well, but there are limitations in colour and finishes.



Other exterior finishes to consider are:

Paint (A waterproof pigmented polyurethane) sprayed onto your choice of MR MDF or Tricoya. There are lots of advantages to a paint finish:

-          You can choose any colour you like

-          It has a high-quality feel and finish

-          You can change the door style to suit the design.

-          You can integrate custom handle details.



Veneer - A natural timber flitch laid on a board product, and available in most common timber species e.g. American White Oak, a variety of Ash’s, Walnut, Sapele Mahogany, Beech, Rimu, Kauri etc. Veneers can be combined with solid timbers to create a warm natural feel, in a number of different styles, and can be stained to a chosen colour or finished naturally with either a clear polyurethane or finishing oils.



Acrylic board finishes, available in both satin and high gloss finishes, with the edges finished with a laser edge clashing.



Thermoformed panels- These sturdy doors are manufactured with Vinyl Wrap that is applied to the surface with a heat and vacuum technique, allowing a profile finish on both the face and edges of the door.