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Hinges & Drawers

Drawers and cutlery inserts, hinges, sliding or bi-folding door systems and handles, all items that vary in both quality and price, and all play a large part in how well and how long your new kitchen or piece of furniture functions for.

We use a variety of different systems, hand selecting what we believe to be some of the best available.  The following are some examples of what we use.

Drawers:  Blum Legrabox – A high quality European drawer available in a number of different colour and style options, including stainless steel, and has two different weight ratings, 40Kg, and 60Kg for use on drawers wider than 80mm.

For those that want a kitchen without handles there is also a push to open option or what’s known as ‘tip-on Blumotion’ option. Electronic push to open is also available.






When we need to manufacture a drawer carcase, we use a Blum drawer runner called Movento.  It has the same characteristics and options of the Legrabox, and the runner is completely concealed when open.


Grass & Blum Hinges (110-165 degree opening) with integrated soft-close.  These are a quality hinge that will last the test of time, pivoting doors time and time again.







Lift systems for over cupboard doors:  Blum Aventos Range with its smooth action, high weight rating and soft-close system, it makes it the perfect choice, with the option of electronic push to open. 


Sliding or bi-folding doors systems:  We use a number of different systems depending on the situation.  All systems are of a high quality, more often than not being of European origin, all designed to be as concealed as possible yet highly functional.  The biggest consideration when selecting a system of this nature is the weight of the door, or doors, it is carrying.  Each system has a rating or maximum size and weight that system can carry, keeping within the spec’s guarantees a trouble-free system that will work for many years. https://www.hafele.co.nz/en/products/sliding-folding-tambour-door-fittings/sliding-folding-door-fittings-for-furniture/b24d70888b065bc77b0dabc0580cdcf1/

Pull-out systems:  These are systems designed to make accessing items in your kitchen / Laundry / Bedroom easier and utilizing spaces better.  You know those hard to reach spaces, used to store items that you hold onto for one reason or another, but never use.







Like all our other hardware the majority of pull-out systems are European in origin and are worth investigating, there are some very clever systems out there that make use of spaces you would normally not consider useable or easily accessed. 


  • Pull-out bins in various configurations, and utilize the same drawer system as the rest of the kitchen.
  • Pull-out blind corner systems
  • Sliding wire or cane baskets
  • Pull-out pantry systems
  • Lazy Susan corner systems
  • There are also a variety of wire pull-outs in different sizes
  • Fold away ironing boards
  • Interior clothes hangers
  • Fold away bed systems


Again, all the systems we use are of the highest quality and where required have integrated soft close as a standard feature.