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Top Options

High Pressure Laminate (HPL):  Commonly referred to as ‘Formica’, which one of the many brand names available.  This product is probably one of the more affordable options, and is available in many different colours and finishes.

 There are also many different edge and thickness options available, and the product it waterproof and reasonably durable.  Traditionally HPL is laid on MDF as a sub straight, but there is really no restriction on what it can be pressed onto.  Plywood can be a popular choice leaving the front edge exposed for a more industrial look.  A big disadvantage is it will burn and / or discolour when subjected to high heat.


Stainless steel:

Other than looking great, stainless steel is resilient, durable, impact resistant and easy to clean while also being hygienic.  Stainless Steel is corrosion and heat resistant but most importantly is able to be custom made to your specifications.  Joins in bench tops can be site welded for a completely seamless look.  And if the years of use begin to show, light marks and scratches can be removed onsite making the top appear new again.








Natural stones:

There are many colours, patterns and textures available in Granites, Marbles, Quartz, Basalts and Limestones.  We recommend no stone less than 20mm in thickness be used for a work surface, and if the top needs to appear thicker than the stone slab available, then it is important that all seen edges be mitred to the required thickness, and not simply under packed, so the join is less visible.








Composite stones:  

The rules around natural stones apply to composite as well.  The main advantage with composite stone is their colour range, with manufactures able to make colour and patterns that don’t naturally form in stones. The composite ranges do also tend to be for uniform in pattern.



Solid Timber:

Although not highly recommended for some areas, timber is a beautiful way to soften the look of your kitchen.  Many different species and finishes are available, and the majority of all timber work is done in house.




Acrylic tops are marketed under a number of different brand names – Corian, Hi-Mac & Acrylic Solid Surface to name a few.  There are a wide variety of colours and patterns.  The palette includes solids, translucent, neutrals, natural and engineered stone patterns as well as a range of dark and bright colours.  The product can be formed to just about any shape, and joined by using a special adhesive to produce a seamless look.  This enables the creation of large island units and large surfaces areas that appear to have been made from a single piece.



Ceramic Bench tops:  

Made from porcelain stoneware, the slabs are produced using innovative technology; compacting the material before firing in a hybrid, dual-supply (gas then electrical) kiln at temperatures of over 1,220°C, approximately. This kiln is designed to ensure an even product. Slabs produced in this way are completely flat. Laminam is produced in all types in full size, 1000 x 3000 and smaller sizes can be produced by cutting or trimming to ensure accurate sizing.




Concrete can be preformed or boxed and poured on site.  Different colours and textures can be achieved, yet retaining the natural look that concrete offers.  Internal heating can also be added for those cooler winter months.